Refund Policy

Refunds for hosting plans are subject to proration and will be handled at the full discretion and legal authority of HostSentry as an operating entity. If a monthly plan is cancelled you are still financially responsible for the remainder of that month’s billing period unless 14 days notice prior to the next billing cycle is given for cancellation. Annual plans require 60 days notice prior to a cancellation. These practices are implemented so that we can correctly offboard your existing services and assets. The “client” (you) are responsible for hourly charges that involve preparing your existing website and web assets for migration to another host if you elect to do so. These termination and migration services are billed at a rate of $30 per hour. Upon accepting our hosting agreement you acknowledge these refund policies and accept all liability and potential loss of service, refund or post service preparation and migration charges if these terms for refund are not satisfied. HostSentry will refund you based on the initial payment method setup within the HostSentry billing portal. If this payment method has changed or is no longer valid you are required to notify HostSentry 14-days prior to a refund being issued with the updated payment method that the refund will be issued to by updating your payment method in the HostSentry billing portal. HostSentry is within full legal right to deny a payment method change if it does not satisfy our acceptable payment forms clause. Failure to inform HostSentry immediately of a payment method change may result in legal action if account goes into arrears. You will be manually invoiced for any outstanding charges resulting from account cancellation that you do not settle in accordance to our Refund Policies & Procedures. If no payment is received within 45 days of manual invoice HostSentry reserves the right to pursue any and all outstanding balances through all available legal avenues and collection agencies. By purchasing HostSentry products or services you accept all responsibilities as outlined within our Refund Policies & Procedures.


All refunds must be initiated by submitting the Refund Request Authorization Form. Any submissions not done through this form will be void and not processed.

HostSentry will not refund a payment method that is unacceptable within the United States or that is not in accordance with Stripe’s Payment Terms.

Upon submitting this form you hereby agree to all terms and conditions in accordance to HostSentry’s Refund Policies and Procedures listed here on this page.

We do not offer refunds on promotional amounts or credits, WordPress themes and plugins or website themes and plugins or any third party service or product provided through HostSentry’s hosting platform services. This includes all premium features, themes and plugins provided au gratis by HostSentry such as Divi Pro or Elementor Pro. All refunds must be initiated and submitted by the Refund Request Authorization Form and HostSentry reserves the legal right to deny a refund for any reason if it does not meet our terms and conditions herein listed on this page and within the overall Refund Policies and Procedures. Once a refund is submitted and approved the original form of payment used will be refunded within 14 days after the approval. We cannot refund checks or cash payment for any services under any condition. If your payment on file in the HostSentry billing portal is no longer valid you are solely responsible for updating this within the HostSentry billing portal and you must make note of this when submitting the Refund Request Authorization Form. HostSentry is not responsible for Stripe’s Payment Terms. By using HostSentry’s services you automatically agree to all Stripe Service Agreement legal policies, standards and terms.

Payment Forms Clause

HostSentry accepts all major credit card and payment processing and authorization services that are accepted and outlined through Stripe Payment Terms. By purchasing and utilizing HostSentry services and products you agree to all payment terms as listed in their legal policies. HostSentry does not accept cash, check, wire transfers, C.O.D. or any outside payment methods through the HostSentry billing portal.


7-Day Trial Terms & Limitations

HostSentry’s 7-day trial must be cancelled within the initial 7 days of account creation or the payment on file will be billed and setup for 30 days of hosting service based on the specific product chosen for the trial term. If the payment on file is not valid you are responsible for updating that payment method and are responsible for making payment for the first 30 days of service for the product selected for 7-day trial. HostSentry is not responsible or issuing refunds if the trial is not cancelled within the initial 7 day term and we do not offer refunds on the 30 days of service that will start on day 8 if the product trial is not cancelled. If you do not cancel the trial before day 8 of service you are responsible for the service charge for the product you accepted a trial on and our standard policy for 14-day notice goes into effect to make any service cancellations or refund requests going forward. You must submit the Refund Request Authorization Form and select 7-day trial cancellation to formally request a trial be cancelled. Features or services cancelled before day 8 within the trial cancellation window are not refundable. Any information, data, domains or customer assets created during the 7-day trial period are property of and under full control of HostSentry until the Refund Request Authorization Form is submitted with the option for “Trial Asset Migration Request in the Product drop down field. Any Trial Asset Migration request is subject to be billed at an hourly rate of no less than $30 an hour and will be invoiced directly to you if you elect to have these assets transferred to you after your trial period and after electing to no longer continue to use the HostSentry platform or services. If no Trial Asset Migration Request is submitted within 45 days after trial cancellation we will remove all assets from our servers and will not honor any request to maintain or restore said assets going forward. Any abuse of a trial account against HostSentry’s Acceptable Use Policy within our Terms and Conditions will be prosecuted under full extent of the law. By accepting the 7-day trial you agree to these terms and conditions for all services eligible for 7-day trial.

Discount Codes

HostSentry makes no guarantee on discount codes or the availability or duration of how long a discount code will work or be effective on new services. Discount codes are not valid for existing customers. All discount codes used on new services as a new customer are only valid one time and correspond to the terms of that specific discount code (see original email terms listed under that specific discount code). Product amounts or discounted amounts from discount codes are non-refundable and your refund amount will be prorated less the amount of the discount as dictated in the initial discount code offer terms and conditions.

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